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        ABOUT US

        ABOUT US

        🌟 Our Brand & Store:

        Angol Shiold is more than just a brand; it's a commitment to ensuring all-round health protection for your family and fostering a cozy, comfortable life. Our store proudly supplies Angol Shiold products, built on a mission to bring high-quality essentials to everyone. We continuously craft brilliant, cost-effective products, enhancing living standards and simplifying daily life. 🛁🏠

        Our journey started in a factory specializing in toilet seat covers. Over the years, our dedication remains unwavering, ensuring comprehensive health assurance and a comforting lifestyle. At the heart of our mission is a diverse range of high-quality bathroom essentials.

        Striving to design exceptional yet affordable products, our flagship brand, Angol Shiold, specializes in premium toilet seat covers and an array of bathroom must-haves. 🚽💫

        Beyond homes, our deep love for animals led us to create bebeblue, a brand that cares for our furry companions' well-being. With a heartfelt concern for their health and happiness, we aim to enrich their lives, allowing beloved pets to savor life's beauty. 🐾💙

        Our brand story revolves around comfort, health, and joy for every household and their treasured furry friends. We're dedicated to brightening every aspect of life, ensuring a haven of well-being for families and pets alike. 🏡✨

        The Principle of Customer Satisfaction:

        We're committed to providing the highest standard of customer service, sourcing quality-assured products from trusted alliances to ensure top-notch quality. Our professional customer service team is here to fulfill your needs and ensure you're 100% satisfied. Have questions, feedback, or want to share how much you love our products? Feel free to reach out! Our Customer Service Department is available Monday to Friday from 8:00 am PT to 4:00 pm PT.

        For Toll-Free Customer Support, email us at 📧

        How to replace the toilet seat?

        How to replace the toilet seat?

        🚽 Changing Your Toilet Seat: A Step-by-Step Guide

        Before making any changes, it's crucial to determine the correct size and model of your toilet to ensure a proper fit. Wondering how to replace the seat ring after purchase?

        Locate and Remove Fixing Screws: Find and unscrew the screws that secure the seat ring using a wrench. Once these decorative hardware parts are removed, the old seat can be lifted off.

        Clean and Prepare: Clean the area around the seat ring thoroughly. Then, position and install the new seat ring. Use the wrench to tighten the screws in the same manner, remembering to screw them down in reverse.

        Installation Process: To replace the seat, detach the fixing bolts at the back of the toilet. During installation, operate in the reverse direction. Most toilet seats require adjustment of two bolts. Ensure to measure the size, screw hole distance, width, and length of the new seat for a perfect fit.

        Different Styles, Different Installation: Various toilet seats have distinct installation methods. Typically, the bottom connects to the toilet's position, and the back secures with screws. Locate the screws on both sides beneath the seat, unscrew them, and remove the lid—it's a straightforward process.

        Changing your toilet seat involves a simple process of unscrewing and reattaching. Give it a try! 🛠️✨

          How to choose a toilet seat?

          How to choose a toilet seat?

          Exterior Style:
          When selecting a toilet seat, consider the style that best matches your bathroom decor. Opt for a simple, elegant design that complements various styles. White and minimalist styles often blend seamlessly and should be prioritized for style matching. 🎨✨

          After-Sales Support:
          Don't overlook after-sales service; it's crucial when purchasing household items like toilet seats. Quality support post-purchase is key to a satisfying experience. 🛠️👍

          Size Matters:
          Toilet seat sizes usually fall into two ranges—larger or smaller. Specifications in the market are relatively standard, with lengths typically around 50-53 cm. Shorter bidet seat lengths range from about 47-49 cm, with a corresponding inner seat ring diameter of around 27 cm. Measure from the toilet tank surface to the front of the toilet (the length of the cover) along the center line of the toilet to ensure an accurate fit. Width usually spans between 34-39 cm, offering flexibility in choice. 📏🚿

          When choosing a toilet seat, prioritize quality by opting for branded products. Ensuring quality guarantees a satisfactory experience. Choose wisely for the perfect fit and lasting comfort! 🌟